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~ Date of birth unknown Rex was one of the artists in the Klaw group. I don’t think he is the same artist as an American artist named Rex who …

Suku Gurote


Joseph Apoux

Jean Leprince

Illustrated Books

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Im banne der Qual

~ First published in 1924 This book is a bit of a mystery, there is very little to find. It was written by Holder van Ruten as part of a …

Étude sur la Flagellation

Steffi und ihr Gatte


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Spanking Art Anonymous

Erotic art depicting flagellation dates back to the pornographic fresco paintings of ancient Rome, particularly Pompeii. But the first mass-produced corporal punishment erotica began with the illustrated flagellation and spanking novels …

Enema, Anonymous

Crossdressing, Anonymous


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Steffi – a little mystery

1798 Bdsm Art

Making Changes

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Die Weiberherrschaft in der Geschichte der Menschheit; Band 1 & 2 was published in 1914 (and republished later). The book was written and published by Eduard Fuchs (1870 – 1940), …

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