Art for Sale

Whenever there are interesting artworks offered for sale via auction sites I will share those on my other site. To find reprints with vintage bdsm art visit my shop at Fine Art America.

Vintage Art for Sale

  • There are a few physical magazines for sale with some of the rare art from my collection. You can find them all in my shop. See below (and on the next pages) a full preview for all the published magazines or use the shortcuts:Page 1 – Page 2 – Page 3 – Page 4 – […]

There are a lot of sellers who sell there art via own sites and/or auction sites. It is too much work to track all of those but here are some interesting sellers I can recommend:

Spanking Art for Sale

  • Digital art with a spanking vibe, created by Alexander Butler. All of these are for sale as print, for more see his shop.
  • Dave Ell is a Pro cartoonist from Liverpool England. Now reciding in Phuket Thailand where he is the main cartoonist for a Thai Newspaper.Previous works have appeared in Britiash tabloids Daily Mirror News Of The World The Sun etc. Dave has published four series of comic books, two featuring the little vixen Sammy Simpkins, who… […]
  • A year ago I had created some magazines, the idea was to do a monthly edition but since my time is limited I had to make choices between updating my sites frequently or create this monthly magazine. As you might have guessed I choose the sites. But the last two months I have spent various… […]
  • When searching for affordable spanking art prints I managed to bring together a nice collection from various artists. To enhance the art or see details and prices click the art.

Bondage Art for Sale

  • Tim Brandt tells about his journey into art:Many moons ago I did graduate college with a BFA in Fine Art Photography. But life took me down another path and I never really did anything professionally with this degree in the art world. I harbor no regrets for that happening. It was an interesting and fulfilling […]
  • Hardy Laddey studied graphic design at the H. Zernack for free-style painting at the Academy Prof. Hübner-Lauenburg in Berlin. After forty long years his passion for art ignited again in 2003. He began to paint again and plunged himself into a rage of true colors.Until 2010, he used an unusual technique, he painted his work […]
  • Sushi is an artist in Fort Collins, CO, who enjoys working in acrylic, pastels, watercolors, and polymer clay. Although she can paint anything from happy trees to portraits, she is passionate about erotic and BDSM-related art. Learn more about this artist via her art shop.You can follow this artist via Instagram Here are some beautiful […]
  • Carolyn Weltman declares herself to be an expressive figurative artist whose work includes female, male, transgender and transitioning subjects. Her portrayal of highly sexual and aggressive or dominant figures is unmatched, whatever the gender. Her work is full of wonderful surprises. You can visit her website to learn more about the artist and her art. […]