End of September

As much as I did enjoy my holiday, I am also very much enjoying being able to get back to searching for rare vintage bdsm artworks and share these.

Recent Updates

  • Rare sketches ca 1950 added to Anonymous Bdsm (3 artworks)
  • Verhalten der Flagellanten (1960/70) added to the Illustrated Books Gallery (7 artworks)
  • Colored bdsm artworks added to Anonymous Bdsm (4 artworks)
  • The pages for Anonymous Bdsm Art were reorganized so it is more easy to search for dated artworks
  • Lately I found some beautiful colored bdsm artworks and then I discovered I had more watercolor art from the same artist divided over two albums. So I combined those into one album titled Watercolor 1940 (total of 24 artworks)
  • A new page for Albert Dubout was added, as well as his album added to Justine (44 artworks)
  • I made an exception to add an album with art published in 1997, the art look older to me and are from an anonymous artist. Titled Frauenartz Dr Sado (4 artworks)

Updates on my Other Sites

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