Enjoy many new artworks

Here are new updates for you all to enjoy. For Gene Bilbrew I was able to add multiple albums from the publications with titles: Subduded, Male Slave, Sisters TeeVee Challenge and Panty Waist Male. (35 artworks)

  • For artist Mario, who also illustrated for the Mutrix/Nutrix corporations I added an unpublished gallery Rubber Queen’s Captives. (10 artworks)
  • When doing research I found out that I had not yet added the album for La Religieuse, illustrated by Martin van Maele (1916) so this one was added to his page as well. (11 artworks)
  • I found two rare colored FemDom artworks by Paul Prött which I added to the mixed color gallery. (2 artworks)
  • Then I noticed some artworks from Frederic for the album Rolfi und Tante Edith that I had not stored so I added these as well. (3 artworks)
  • The page for Steffi was updated with new art for two albums. (8 artworks)

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