(Mid) September updates

Whenever we are going away, for a weekend or a longer holiday, it is difficult for me to let go of the relaxing moments where I can browse for art and share it here. A few days before we left I found a large collection related to the story about Justine. This makes a beautiful addition to the large collection from various artists that are already shown on the dedicated page. So I decided to just start storing updates I have been working on before we leave, and I will take it up when I am back.

– September 16th
And now I am back and was able to add some very rare findings. Books for which I could only find a few artworks lead to a nice surprise with more artworks which I was able to enhance to larger format and better quality.

Recent Updates

  • Illustrations from Claude Bornet for Justine published in 1797 (43 artworks)
  • Fouet et Martinet (1904) was added to illustrated books (3 artworks)
  • La Chanoinesse Marchande d’Esclaves (1911), by Paul Guérard (2 artworks)
  • Miss Boucles (1934) by Paul Guérard (8 artworks)
  • Maison de Flagellations (1920) by Martin van Maele (6 artworks)

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