Mixed Updates

Lately it seems to become more challenging to find artworks in good quality that was created before 1950. However I do also find some great artwork collections (very large and in large format) from artists who created between 1950 and 1970). Sometimes I need to realize that when growing older and still working on this site (for 18 years now) it will become more difficult to find these very old gems and art that is as old as I am is slowly turning into vintage art.

Here are updates I have been working on:

  • A new album was added to artist Rex (47 artworks)
  • Some rare bdsm artworks were added for Otto Rudolf Schatz (4 artworks)
  • A new album was added to Louis Malteste: Aventures amoureuses de Mlle de Sommerange published in 1910 (6 artworks)
  • For Gaston Smit I created an index with all the illustrated books featured in the gallery, it is one of my largest collections that holds 53 illustrated books with a total of 436 artworks.

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