Multiple Galleries Added

These last evenings were such a treasure, I found many artworks that allowed me to complete existing albums and I was able to add some new albums. See the list below and follow the link to view them via the pages they were uploaded to.

  • 4 rare and unique bdsm sketches (in color) were added to Anonymous Bdsm Gallery (4 artworks) on page 2
  • To Anonymous Spanking Artworks I added this album with colored spanking artworks, ca 1880/1900 (8 artworks) – at the top of the gallery
  • Artist Arthur Ferrier was added (14 artworks)
  • Educating Edna (1955/60) is a new entry to the Illustrated Books Gallery (15 artworks) on page 2
  • There was an album with colored bdsm artworks I had stored as anonymous, it turned out they were from Roger Jadot, and I also could add two artworks to that album. (2 artworks)
  • For artist R.W I found two artworks, one is added to the album FemDom (1960) the other to the album Mixed. (2 artworks)
  • And then I found various colored bdsm artworks from Otto Rudolf Schatz and added those to the album Color Bdsm (1954) (8 artworks)

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