New Rare Art & New Prices

Sometimes you need to appreciate the small gifts. A few days ago I found a great album from Otto Rudolf Schatz, findings like that are rare and happen once every few months. But adding these seldom albums created an amazing collection over time. So despite holding on to feeling a little bit frustrated because I was unable to add large updates I try to stick to feeling proud because I was able to share these rare findings with you.

Bye the way, those who did not yet sign up for a paid subscription be sure to check out the new prices, for just 20 euro you allow yourself two months access, which ends automatically when your time is up. There are no auto renewals.

Recent Updates

  • A new album was added to Otto Rudolf Schatz (15 artworks)
  • For Adolfo Marino Ruiz I was able to add a new album Taming of the proud Princess (33 artworks)
  • Three rare albums added to Gaston Smit: Amour et Perversité, Miriam, sa douloureuse aventure and Précoces expériences (9 artworks)

Other Updates

Here is an overview for updates on my other art projects. These are all free to view without membership.

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