Start of August

Random artworks that are added seem like a minor update, however if I was able to add one artwork every day many galleries would expand in no time. But in reality I find these artworks only once every few months, so these are precious and valuable updates.

Recent Updates:

  • Colored artworks added to Wighead‘s albums: Sous la croupe feminine – 2 artworks
  • One artwork that allowed me to add a new album for Le Couvent des tortures and added 1 extra artwork to Tortures et Lubricité, both albums by Sao Chang2 artworks
  • A new artwork added to  L’Enfer des Voluptes (1937) by SadieMazo 1 artwork
  • Added the album Les Ecoles Paris by Gerhard Windisch 6 artworks
  • Artist Jay was added to the site – 69 artworks
  • Enhanced 11 rare artworks from Sadie Mazo as extra gallery – 11 artworks

Updates on my other sites:

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