Various Updates

Somehow I keep finding many great artworks to share, despite the fact that it takes time before art has been reviewed, downloaded, edited and uploaded. And then the truly complex task starts, trying to find info about artist or publication.
But these busy days are also what allows my unique collection to expand and what makes the site more valuable with every new upload. In case you did not already join as premium member, please take some time to consider this. It will give you access to over 8000 (!) unique vintage bdsm and fetish artworks.

Back to the latest updates:

  • A new page was created for FemDom and Fetish Artist Harry (84 artworks)
  • Bondage art from an anonymous artist for a publication titled Breast Bondage was added to the books gallery on page three (9 artworks)
  • And another anonymous publication titled Enslaved Mares was also added to this gallery (9 artworks)
  • 3 rare bdsm sketches were added to Anonymous Bdsm Art (3 artworks)
  • Bdsm art from Rubber Torment was uploaded to the books gallery on page 2 (7 artworks)

Updates on my other sites:

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