Otto Rudolf Schatz

~ 1900 - 1961

Otto Rudolf Schatz was born in Vienna, Austria, he was a book illustrator, graphic artist and a painter. He takes an important place in European art in the first halft of th 20th century. Between 1915 and 1918 he studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Vienna, where Oskar Strnad and Anton von Kenner were his teachers. After his military service in 1918 Schatz came back to the Kunstgewerbeschule, but after three months he left that school. He worked as a gardener, house painter and as a draftsman for a factory.
Finally he decided to be a freelance artist.

In the 1920’s and 30’s Otto Rudolf Schatz illustrated numerous books and worked for various social democratic newspapers and publishers.
Besides his numeros woodcuts he also painted pictures in watercolor and oil; he also created frescoes and mosaics on buildings. The artist created many erotic artworks with bdsm themes, most sites don't mention this. His watercolors show bondage and spanking themes, the abstract B&W artworks in my collection were woodcuts also with a very strong bdsm vibe.

On April 24th 1961 the artist died in Vienna.

There is one book with bdsm artworks that stands out: Extremes Vergnügen, 1954 (presented in gallery below). A few years after I had found these artworks I found a new book with sketches also from 1954 but the artworks were different except for two. So I am not sure if these two were originally one album. Throughout the years more and more art surfaces (mainly via auctions) which allows me to expand the collection here.

12 albums/134 artworks
Latest Update: November 22, 2023 -> New album Bdsm trio (3 artworks)

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