Leon Roze

~ 1869 (- date of death unknown)

Léon Roze was a French spanking artist who worked in the 1900s and 1910s. He illustrated for Imagerie D'Epinal and Imagerie Pellerin, among others, and created F/F and M/F spanking art illustrations for spanking novels by various French authors.
He worked also as an early comics artist in Fillette, published by Offenstadt.

Illustrated bdsm books by Leon Roze featured in gallery below (otherwise it is mentioned):

  • Mémoires d'un Flagellant de Marque (1906)
  • La Tradition de la Garde (1907)
  • Nouveaux contes du fouet (1907) - not present
  • Fouetteurs et Fouettes (1907)
  • Le Fouet au Moyen-âge (1908)
  • Lubricité. Amour et flagellation, passions, manies, aberrations, notes, souvenirs et observations d'un Montmartrois baladeur (1909) - not present
  • Coups de fouet (1908) - not present
  • Mr Howard goes Yachting

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