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Erotic art depicting flagellation dates back to the pornographic fresco paintings of ancient Rome, particularly Pompeii. But the first mass-produced corporal punishment erotica began with the illustrated flagellation and spanking novels that flooded the underground book market in Europe and America in the late 19th century. That is the artwork that finds its way to this site.

Since the main focus for this site has been spanking art for many, many years I managed to built up a real large collection.
It is almost impossible to add connect all the spanking art to one page, but for my loyal members I am willing to add some extra efforts. Hopefully you appreciate this. I do encourage you to browse the site yourself, searching for spanking art.

For these spanking artworks I was unable to determine the artist. To view more spanking art use the Tag Spanking. I can also recommend my Spanking Art Blog with a very large archive of modern and vintage spanking artworks (free to view).

20 albums/190 artworks  
Latest Update: October 4, 2023 -> B&W Mixed with 24 artworks

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