Gene Bilbrew

~ 1923 – 1974

Gene Bilbrew was an American cartoonist and fetish artist working mainly in the genres of femdom and bondage. In addition to signing his work with his own name, he drew under a range of pseudonyms, including Eneg (“Gene” spelled backwards), Van Rod, and Bondy.
Throughout his life, he took freelance assignments within the African American community, for instance producing modernized cover art for Victorian-era lottery numbers books.

The start of Bilbrew’s “bizarre art” career came in 1951 through underground artist and pioneer Eric Stanton, whom Bilbrew met while attending Cartoonists and Illustrators School. From then on, Bilbrew focused on fetish art, producing work for notable underground publishers Irving Klaw, Edward Mishkin, Stanley Malkin, and the Sturman brothers. He also notably produced many illustrations and covers for Leonard Burtman, publisher of Exotique, a fetish magazine published between 1955 and 1959.

While his career waned with the coming of relaxed censorship laws of the 1960s, his substance abuse worsened in the early 1970s.
According to Eric Stanton, Gene Bilbrew died in the back of a Times Square adult bookstore in May, 1974
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On this page you will find complete albums from comics mainly, and a few mixed albums. For loose artworks visit my other (free) site.
I can truly recommend visiting Gene Bilbrew Revealed by Richard Perez.

Publications featured in gallery below:

  • His Dreams Came True (1958)
  • Bondage Society's Gala Slave Ball (1959)
  • Petticoat Boy (ca 1960)
  • Brothers Keeper (1966)
  • Panty Clad Boy (1969)
  • Transvestite Drive-in (1970)
  • Garden of Pain
  • Bondage Terror
  • How to train a Husband
  • Boys will be Girls
  • Servant Problems
  • Come on Girl

  • Midnight Masquerade
  • Crossdressing Story
  • Captives of Madame de la Bondage
  • Torture Stories
  • Sisters TeeVee Revenge
  • Panty Waist Male
  • Subduded
  • Male Slave
  • Domineta
  • Lads in Panty
  • Transvestite Foursome
  • Slave Mark

25 albums/385 artworks
Latest Update: October 26, 2023 -> Bondage Society's Gala Slave Ball (36 artworks)

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