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When searching for new artists to add to my collection I come across many illustrated books with rare bdsm artworks. For some books the illustrator could not (yet) be determined, sometimes a name was provided but no info could be found for that name. Some books were published by various publishers with images from different illustrators, for these you will be lead to a page with all the available artworks from all artists known to have illustrated the particular book.

Be sure to also visit the Illustrated Books Index, this is a special feature for books that were published in various editions throughout the years, and have multiple artists for one book, or in some cases a serie of books that are connected, or very rare books with just one illustrator.

Costume Ball has many unsigned artworks and a few signed by Gene Bilbrew, Jim, Royal and Foss

The following books are presented in the gallery

Page 1

  • History of the Rod (1877)
  • Experiences of Flagellation (1885)
  • Fustigations vécues (1907)
  • Miss Gregor (1907)
  • Nana Sahib (1909)
  • Danse Madame Birchini (1909)
  • Récits de la Villa Brigitte (1911)
  • Germaine und Molly (1922)
  • Enchanting Spanker (1925)
  • Desserts D'Amour (1925)
  • The Whippers (1925)
  • Fouetteuses (1927)
  • Songe du pere fouettard (1930)
  • Presented in Leather (1930)
  • Harem de l'epouvante (1930)
  • Modern Slaves (1931)
  • Scenes Realistes (1932)
  • La Fille Punie (1935)
  • Helen of Lust (1940)
  • Bisare (1940)
  • Souvenir (1943)

Page 2

  • Bordel de Venise (1950)
  • Outré (1950)
  • Fantasmes d'une Blonde (1950)
  • Mixed (1950/60)
  • The Whip and the Rod (1952)
  • Memoires d'une Chanteuse Allemande (1953)
  • Days to be Remembered (1953)
  • Discipline du Jeune Filles (1957)
  • Body Slave (1960)
  • Conqueress Club (1960)
  • La Papesse du Diable (1960)
  • Dominant females (1964)
  • Vandala (1965)
  • Slaves of the Bridewell (1970)
  • Punitions (1978)

Page 3

  • Bizarre Costume Ball
  • A Sibling T.V Slave
  • White Lace
  • Babs Kinky Trio
  • Anything Goes Club
  • Diktatur des Weibes
  • Tearful passage
  • Erziehung der Drillinge
  • Captive Stud
  • Unmanned

46 albums/408 artworks (please notice the albums are divided over multiple pages)

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