Edgart Tytgat

~ 1879 - 1957

Edgart Tytgat was a Belgium expressionist painter, cover artist and engraver. He combined expressionism with a poetic, sometimes dreamy style.
Tytgat spent his youth in Bruges, until the family moved to Brussels in 1888. After a failed attempt to become a clock-maker, he attended the Brussels Fine Arts Academy in 1897. As a young painter, he was influenced by the fauvism that had come to the city from Paris. This new tendency in art reached its peak between 1905 and 1907, and prepared the way for expressionism. Edgard Tytgat joined the Brabant fauvists, who were under the influence of impressionists and humanists and gathered around the figure of Rik Wouters.

During the First World War, he remained in exile in England. Gradually, he developed his own poetic style, in which he combined his own inspiration with expressionist influences. Besides being a painter, Edgard Tytgat was also an etcher and illustrator/lithographer. He was also an inspired leader of the Free Drawing Workshop in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, which grew out of a meeting place for graduates from higher institutes and art academies in Ixelles and Brussels. They painted together, discussed about art, and talked about each other’s work. 

During WWII he illustrated art for 'Huit dames et un monastère', the 8 ladies he draw showed simularities with known females in his live (mainly aunts). The story in the book tells about a young and naive girl that ends up in the monastary. The ladies (nuns? I am not sure) there play strange games, they are named after the cards used in a card game. There is quite soms Bdsm present in the story, which makes these artworks quite different from his normal style. Tytgat painted over 500 artworks in 5 years, realated to this story, many are stored in private collections and it took me some time to gather the bdsm related artworks.

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