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Treasure TroveJuly 12, 2022
For those who embrace a penchant for refined erotica with an adventurous edge, the Vintage Fetish Art collection is truly a veritable treasure trove of sumptuous delights.
Gorgeously presented and informatively annotated by its most charming curator, this unrivalled collection provides a precious portal to an abundance of sensual beauty.
Each lovingly-collected piece is steeped in such delicious intimacy – all underpinned by the delightful formality, etiquette and finesse of bygone eras – that the visitor is afforded an exquisite visual feast.
For Vintage Fetish Art is not merely a collection, but a joyous celebration, to be relished and cherished in equal measure.

Rosie Petals


Different kind of Fetishes, great content!September 18, 2019
Already a long time member because of the great art and the abundance of art on this site.
The curator of this modern museum of vintage art is doing an incredible job. A site with so much art and so well categorised, a very nice layout, and very easy to browse to find the kink and fetish you like to see at any time.
Great site and Great work, I hope this will last for a very long time, to keep this art for not be forgotten.

Grey Spanker

Much Needed Preservation Library!March 28, 2019
This site is a much needed preservation library of kink erotica. The moderator does an outstanding job of maintaining and updating this site. It truly is a labor of love her part. I find the art far superior as erotica than photography. Although thats fun too there is something about the art thats more stimulating to me. Maybe because photography is a newer art form. I bet theres some kinky cave paintings somewhere from 30,000 yrs. I enjoy the history of the work and its fun to know that our folks, grand folks and great grand folks had some kinky bent in their boudoir.

Thomas Lawrence

Great Site! – January 11, 2019
Sincere congratulations for such a rich and splendid collection. Browsing is also easy and very practical. Great job! Go on!


Outstanding! February 10, 2017

This the most extensive and well organized erotic art collection I have ever seen on the net.
The very skilled curator of this erotic art museum did a wonderful job.
I am very impressed .


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