Rutenspiele und Liebesabenteuer

~ first published in 1930 (?)

This book is a mystery I was unable to solve. I found two titles: Rutenspiele und Liebesabenteuer and Rutenspiele und Liebesabenteuer der Miss Ophelia Fox. For younger publications I noticed they used old art for the covers.

Two artists seem to have illustrated for this book. M. Bertolet did the art for the 1930 publication, there must be 8 but I found only 2. Artist H. Wenske illustrated for the 1970 publication.

  • Album 1, by M. Bertolet (1930)
  • Album 2, by H. Wenske (1970)
  • Album 3, covers by various artists

3 albums/9 artworks

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Karen Smits

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