~ 1910 - (unknown date of death)

Carlo was a French illustrator who's real name is unknown. It is assumed he worked as cartoonist for the Magazine Humor using the pseudonym Charléno ( Charles Henaut?)
He created many sado masochistic drawings in the 1930's published by la Librairie Artistique, and la Librairie Artistique also Édition Parisienne Réunies working together with la Librairie Générale.

Most of Carlo's art is woman spanking art (F/F, M/F and /F). The ladies in Carlo's art almost always wear Stiletto heels, typical of BDSM/shoe fetishism, and also often tightlaced corsets and/or stockings. His art shows such a creative mind regarding bdsm, many scenarios that can live in ones fantasy were drawn by this artist.

Illustrated books by Carlo, if not presented in the gallery below it is mentioned:

  • Dressage (1931) - not present
  • La Guinguette aux Orties (1931)
  • Bagne de Femmes (1931)
  • Esclavage ou L’Agonie (1932)
  • La Reine Cravache (1932)
  • Le Cuir Triomphant (1933)
  • Le Dominateur (1933)
  • Internat des Chatiments (1933)
  • Les deux Camilles (1933)
  • L'Inquisiteur moderne (1933)
  • Severites Perverses (1933)
  • Servitude (1934)
  • Cinglantes Épreuves (1934)
  • Le Château des Cuisants Souvenirs (1934)
  • Despotisme Féminin (1934) - not present
  • Dolorès Amazone (1934)
  • Sévérités Perverses (1934)
  • L'Inquisiteur moderne (1934)
  • Caprices Sexuels (1934)
  • Le Cuir Triomphant (1934)
  • Le Marriage (1934) (extern link, free view)
  • Joues Cramoisies (1935)
  • Joues Cramoisies (1935) [same text, but different illustrations]
  • Brûlants Plaisirs (1935)
  • Les Tyrans Passionelles (1935)
  • Dolly Esclave (1936)
  • La Madone du Cuir Verni (1937)

To view free art from this artist visit Art Vintagique, Bondage Art and Spanking Art.

22 albums/360 artworks
Latest Update: October 20, 2023 -> L'Inquisiteur Moderne was renewed with art in large format (18 artworks)

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