P. Beloti

~ date of birth unknown ~

P. Beloti was a (probably French) spanking artist and author.
His artwork, dated from the 1930s, is mainly M/F. He was quite good at imitating the style of other artists such as Louis Malteste or Luc Lafnet.
Beloti illustrated Jacinthe ou Les Images du péché (1934) by Liane Laure.
He is also mentioned for using the pseudonym Paulette Vergès as writer for spanking novels such as Cuisant noviciat - mon dressage (1935) and Gouvernante et gouvernée (1936), which was most likely also illustrated by Beloti.

Cuisant noviciat was first published by Collection des Orties Blanches in 1935 and is illustrated by Jim Black (Luc Lafnet). However, while all 12 heliogravures are signed Jim Black, only two of them were really done by Lafnet, ten were in fact done by Beloti himself, so that album is stored here as well.

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