Sadie Mazo

~ Date of birth unknown ~

Despite some artworks I was not able to find any information about this illustrator. Some refer to this artist as Sadie-Mazo.  The artist co-illustrated some books together with Sao-Chang.
A few years ago I discovered some new artworks I had not seen before, being offered through an auction site as being done by Sadie Mazo. I was only able to find a collage but did include these in the gallery below. Some of the colored sketches show a lot of resemblance (to my opinion) to the work from Swiss Jim.
Read also my short blog Mystery which shows the same artwork by Carlo and also done by Sadie Mazo, there is no info known about which artwork was created as first one.

Books illustrated by SadieMazo featured in gallery below:

  • L'Enfer des Voluptes (1937)
  • L'ille des Vamps (1938)
  • La Clinique des cauchemars (1937)
  • Luxure et souffrance (1950)

7 albums/39 artworks
Latest Update: August 4, 2023 -> L’Enfer des Voluptes (1 new artwork added), Enhanced 11 artworks

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