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There are many pulp and fetish covers shared all over the web, it seemed like a nice idea to create a blog that fully dedicates to covers in this field, vintage obviously since I have a large love for and knowledge about vintage bdsm art and find a lot of unique artworks during my online research expeditions.

You can find a mix of Erotic and more subtile Bdsm art there.
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  • Madame in a world of fantasy was a magazine published for the first time in 1974 by E.M Publications. It was a replacement for a defunct magazine. In time the name changed, but Madame was always part of the title. Some of the artworks are by Juan Puyal, since I could not determine (for sure)Continue […]
  • Alexander A. Schomburg (1905 – 1998) was a Puerto Rican commercial artist and comic-book artist and painter whose career lasted over 70 years. Alex Schomburg was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, as the son of Guillermo Schomburg, a civil engineer and land surveyor of German ancestry and Jewish ancestry, and Francisca Rosa. Alex moved to New York City in 1917, where he joinedContinue […]
  • This magazine was published somewhere around 1957, by Lucian Press. I thought I would be able to find out more about this magazine but so far I had little luck. One of the more known artists who illustrated a few of the covers is Gene Bilbrew. A new name popped up as well, Muffy. TheContinue […]
  • Earle K. Bergey (1901 –1952) was an American artist and illustrator who painted cover art for thousands of pulp fiction magazines and paperback books. One of the most prolific pulp fiction artists of the 20th century, Bergey is recognized for creating, at the height of his career in 1948, the iconic cover of Anita Loos’sContinue […]
  • Le Frou Frou was a French magazine produced by Samuel-Sigismond Schwarz in 1900. It was a 20 page magazine featuring titillating stories, risque cartoons bawdy jokes and racy drawings, intended to rival La Vie Parisienne.

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