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There are many pulp and fetish covers shared all over the web, it seemed like a nice idea to create a blog that fully dedicates to covers in this field, vintage obviously since I have a large love for and knowledge about vintage bdsm art and find a lot of unique artworks during my online research expeditions.

You can find a mix of Erotic and more subtile Bdsm art there.
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  • John Coughlin (1885 – 1943) was an American Impressionist & Modern painter. In 1900 at the age of fiteen John took a two-year course at the University of Notre Dame, which is 80 miles east of Chicago. The school was serviced by eight different railroad lines from Chicago. Along with regular business training, he alsoContinue […]
  • Paris Plaisir was a monthly revue that appears to have been published sometime between 1922-1938 (perhaps earlier) from 12 Rue Georges-Berger in Paris. There is nearly no info that can be found. Georges Simenon, a prolific European author occasionally contributed his essays. Packed with fabulous fleshy femme fatales from front to back, it appears toContinue […]
  • Soshi was a rival of KITAN CLUB. Soshi lasted a year, from 1953 to 1954, with around fifteen numbers on the counter. In addition, the publication of the journal, censorship obliges, is often suspended (March / May / June / July / August 1954) The covers are created by Ran Akiyoshi (1922–1982) a Japanese artist and illustrator.Continue […]
  • Hugh Joseph Ward (1909 – 1945) was an American illustrator known for his cover art for pulp magazines. He is noted especially for his paintings for Spicy Mystery, Spicy Detective, and other titles published by Harry Donenfeld in the “spicy” genre. He also painted definitive images of popular radio characters the Lone Ranger and theContinue […]
  • Curtis Charles Senf (1873-1949) was illustrator for Weird Tales. He was born in Prussia, his parents moved to the U.S in 1881. After completing High School Charles went to the Chicago Art Institute. In 1896 he joined the Palette and Chisel Club, this club with mainly professional artists and alumni of the Chicago Art InstituteContinue […]

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