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One of my other projects is the blog Art Vintagique, it’s a small side project to view free artworks connected to my main site. I had started it to avoid hosting costs getting too high but in the process a whole new and unique blog came to live.

You can find a mix of Erotic and more subtile Bdsm art there.
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  • Sometimes I have my doubts about sharing certain artworks, the Spanish Inquisition was a horrible time. And yet many artists seemed to have found inspiration in this historical fact and sketched it as they wanted it to be represented. Sometimes almost romantic, other times with horrific details. Since it is part of art history I […]
  • Illustrated by Paul Emile Becat, the book Candide ou l’optimisme was published in 1950.
  • The book Histoire de Madame la Comtesse des Barres was published in 1945 and illustrated by Georges Annenkoff (1889–1974). Histoire de Madame la Comtesse des Barres is the autobiography, first published in 1735, of François-Timoléon, Abbot of Choisy (1644–1724), an early example in literature of crossdressing.
  • The condemned pieces. Éditions de Recloses, illustrated by Pierre-Adrien Ekman (1904 – 1993) and published in 1947. A very limited edition (3000) which shows dark erotic artworks from Ekman.
  • Cardwell Higgins (1902-1983) was a prolific American 1930s-40s illustrator. He created risque pin up girl covers for the titles Silk Stockings, High Heels, The Stocking Parade, Reel Movie Fun, and other pre-code publications of the day. Higgins entered the prestigious National Academy of Design at the age of 18. He soon moved his studies to […]

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