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One of my other projects is the blog Art Vintagique, it’s a small side project to view free artworks connected to my main site. I had started it to avoid hosting costs getting too high but in the process a whole new and unique blog came to live.

You can find a mix of Erotic and more subtile Bdsm art there.
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  • Marcel Vertès (1895 – 1961) was a French costume designer and illustrator of Hungarian-Jewish origins. He won two Academy Awards (Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design) for his work on the 1952 film Moulin Rouge. Priscilla Mais (probably one of Vertès’ lovers) about him:he was a loner who belonged to no movement, fragile, moody, […]
  • From an anonymous artist, for the book or collection titled Volets clos, published in 1933, I took a few of the bdsm related artworks. The entire portfolio can be viewed via Honesterotica.
  • Mahlon Blaine (1894 – 1969) lived in California, Oregon. Blaine is known for Illustrator-books, fantasy genre, there are many stories floating about this artist based on false biographies. A childhood accident left the artist blind in his left eye, an accident that contributes to the flattened perspective that marks his work. Blaine however alleged to […]
  • The book Vie secrète d’un Muscadin was published in 1933 with art from Daniel Girard (Dagy).
  • The book Jou Jou was published in 1936 and illustrated by Cheri Herouard.

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