Die Weiberherrschaft in der Geschichte der Menschheit; Band 1 & 2 was published in 1914 (and republished later). The book was written and published by Eduard Fuchs (1870 – 1940), German Marxist scholar of culture and history, writer, art collector, and political activist together with Alfred Kind.

In the book many old artworks can be viewed, it is interesting because it gives an insight in how themes like spanking, roleplay, fetish and femdom were part of life. Don’t expect many explicit artworks, try to see them through the lens of time, there is a lot of subtle bdsm dynamics to discover in these artworks.

It is a free give away, please allow the album to load since there are many artworks in it and they are in large format. To ensure fast loading I divided the artworks over two albums.

Weiberherrschaft (1914)

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