Gaston Smit

~ Date of birth unknown

Gaston Smit used the aliases Georges Topfer and James Barclay. He was known for his sadomasochistic illustrations and worked for Amateur-Biblio, Curio, l'Édition Parisienne, les Éditions P. Brenet, les Éditions Prima, les éditions Jean Fort, la Librairie Artistique, la Librairie Artistique and Édition Parisienne Réunies also la Librairie Franco-Anglaise

He was active as illustrator between 1919 and 1933. He might have been publishing prior to this date but so far no evidence was found.
The list of books he illustrated is very large and impossible to share here, I can recommend Bibliocuriosa for those interested (it's in French) or the Spankingart Wiki. There is also a collection of his art to see on the Spanking Art Blog and the Bondage Art Blog.

The album Le Vaisseau des larmes (1933) seems to be from this artist, however this is not certain. I am also not sure if I have selected the proper artworks for this album, since there is almost no info for this book found. As much as possible I try to add the albums in chronological order, from old to latest.

53 albums/439 artworks (please notice that the albums are divided over multiple pages to ensure fast browsing, page numbers are at the bottom of the page)

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