Adolfo Marino Ruiz

~ 1912 - unknown

Adolfo Mariño Ruiz, also known as simply Ruiz, was born in Tampico. He studied art and architecture and drew his first comics and cartoons in 1935 for Mujeres y Deportes (sports cartoons) and Paquito ('Charros del Bajío'). In the following year, he was present in Paquín with 'El Charro Negro', which was later continued in Chamaco. He eventually began a collaboration with Pepín and worked for publishers like La Prensa, Novedades, Novaro, Promotora K and Editor-Mex. He also self-published his own title, Libro Mensuel. In the 1960s he worked for Edar.

Ruiz was also one of the most productive artists for Irving Klaw's Nutrix Company in the USA. Labelled as "the Mexican artist", he produced a great many bondage and fetish comics, that Klaw sold by mail-order in the 1950s and 1960s.

Ruiz made stories with revealing titles like:

  • Taming of the proud princess - view in gallery below
  • Battling Yolanda - view in gallery below
  • Bondage war in Slavia view in gallery below
  • Bound Girl - view in gallery below
  • Lez Sorority - view in gallery below
  • Curbing with bondage - view in gallery below
  • Initiation Punishment - view in gallery below
  • Fearless Lillian in Trouble (1952)
  • Kidnapped and Enslaved, 1954/1975
  • Yolanda's Bizarre Experience (1954)
  • The Scarlet Widow (1954) - view in gallery below
  • Captives in Distress (1958) - view in gallery below
  • Punishing the tyrant queen (1959)
  • Pleasure Parade (1959) - view in gallery below
  • Lina Foils Female Western Bandits (1959)
  • Silken Suffering (1960)
  • Kidnapped in Paris (1960)

11 albums/205 artworks

The album mixed holds artworks from Eric Stanton and Gene Bilbrew as well, I think those are the ones without signature (Ruiz signed his art)
Latest Update: November 6, 2023 ->  Taming of the Proud Princess (33 artworks)

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