Edouard Bernard

~ Date unknown

Édouard Bernard (also spelled Edouard Bernard) was a French spanking artist who illustrated spanking novels c. 1920. It is not sure if he is the same artist whose full name was Édouard Alexandre Bernard and who lived 1879-1950. Some believe that after the war Bernard continued illustrating erotic artworks using the pseudonyms G. Whips and W. Floger, not everyone is convinced about this however. It is also mentioned that some of Bernard's work was later reprinted in copies that also showed art from G. Whips, this could perhaps have lead to some problems identifying the art.

Books he illustrated, if not presented in gallery below it is mentioned:

  • Bas de Soie (1909)
  • Aline (1912) - not present
  • Petite Marquise (1912) - not present
  • Les Aventures amoureuses d'une princesse russe (1920) - not present
  • Jupes Courtes (1920)
  • Silk Stockings

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