Gerda Wegener

~ 1886 - 1940

Gerda Marie Fredrikke Wegener (née Gottlieb) was a Danish illustrator and painter. Wegener is known for her fashion illustrations and later her paintings that pushed the boundaries of gender and love of her time. These works were classified as Lesbian erotica at times and many were inspired by her partner, the transgender woman Lili Elbe.
Wegener employed these works in the styles of Art Nouveau and later Art Deco.

Along with shifting how women are represented in art, Wegener also challenged gender and sex identity roles in her work. She did this in small ways, such as drawing men with slender bodies and soft lines, or by painting her transgender partner, Lili Elbe. Wegener was known for her illustrations created for advertisements and was also a portrait painter. She did art in Paris, but was less successful in Denmark, where people found her work very different and strange as it often portrayed her husband as a woman.
In 1912, Wegener and her partner, Lili Elbe, moved to Paris, France. In Paris, Wegener began to push the boundaries in her artwork by creating more provocative paintings of women engaged in sexual activities and seductive positions.
She often painted herself with Lili Elbe or Lili alone either portrayed as a man or a woman. Her work gained her attention and she was able to throw parties and experience notorious fame. Along with this, her work in the fashion industry took off as she illustrated for magazines such as Fantasio, Vogue, and La Vie Parisienne.
Her illustrations were used in a wide range of platforms from beauty advertisements to political anti-German images in the Le Matin and the La Baïonnette during World War II.
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A little while ago I discovered she did some line art for the book Painful Pleasures, these artworks are bondage and spanking related. It turned out I had her artworks stored on the site but was mistaken about the artist.
Besides these artworks there is only one colored spanking artwork and one colored bondage artwork that surfaced, the other art by Gerda Wegener shows subtile erotic gestures.

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