Gerhard Windisch

~ 1895 - 1961

Gerhard Windisch was an Austrian artist and photographer. He lived in Leipzig in 1920/1930 and later in Paris. From 1950 he lived in Vienna.

He was an exceptionally talented and obscure European fetish artist who worked during the early 20th century under the pseudonym Alphonse Friaux and Milewsky or Milewski. The general motif of his work was schoolteachers and governesses exacting corporal punishment on their young charges. His work contains F/m and some F/f art.

Some of Alphonse Friaux's watercolor artworks are signed "AF, Paris, 1927".
I found one album that looks like a publication, titled Les Ecoles Paris and published in 1928.

5 albums/51 artworks
Latest Update: August 1, 2023 -> Les Ecoles Paris (6 artworks)

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