Jean Boullet

~ 1921 - 1970

Jean Boullet was a painter, designer, illustrator, film critic and French author.

He began painting in 1942, mainly portraits and became known as a designer and illustrator in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés immediate post-war.
Fundamental, anticlerical, enemy of established orders and personally launched in a frantic quest for the bizarre and the forbidden, Jean Boullet is also passionate about many other themes: sexology, illusionism, magic, demonology, popular mythology.
In December 1965, he opened a bookstore, Le Kiosque, specializing in these themes and in collection comics. Riddled with debts, he closed shop in early 1969, and in August, he moved to Algeria, in Ouargla to hold a bookstore there.

Openly homosexual, proclaiming itself "Very of male beauty", he multiplied the drawings or the paintings of an aesthetic homoerotic quite inspired by that of Jean Cocteau. There is also a lot of bondage and some bdsm to be found in his erotic artworks.

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