Takashi Shima

There is not much known about this illustrator. Takashi Shima,  四馬孝 (who is also often shared as Takashi Shiwa) was a painter who appeared from the November issue of 1954 to the final issue of March 1975 from an Japanese Bondage Magazine. Since my knowledge of this language is below zero and translation tools are not often very helpful I could not find the correct name for this magazine. Characterising for Shima's artworks are a form of humilation with the nose from his female subjects. I went through 550 artworks in order to create a full page, it is possible that I included a few artworks that were not done by Shiwa. If you are familiar with his style and you notice some errors please let me know (via the contactform).

It took me a few days to browse, collect and sort out the artworks, then enhance them and finally try to devide them through various albums connected to subjects like: Bondage, Device Bondage, Caged, Humiliation, Objectification, Ponyplay, Water Bondage, Bdsm, Wax play and Whipping.

14 albums/326 artworks

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