Le Fouet Conjugal

~ First published in 1908

Originally published in French in 1908, with illustrations from M. del Giglio. The book was written by Aimé van Rod, a writers collective. In 1930 it was republished with images from Gaston Smit. One item with the same title was published by the Artistic Library under the pseudonym J. Saint-Vallier in 1927 but it is not sure if this is the same book. This book was illustrated by Charles Hirlemann.

The English edition 'The Conjugal Whip' tells the story of two families and of how the whip and birch rod were introduced to great effect, despite the initial protests of both the young wives. When Léonie’s hen-pecked father discovers his new son-in-law thrashing his daughter he is naturally furious. But after eventually being placated he is persuaded to use the same treatment to tame his dominating wife.

The book was sentenced by the Criminal Court of Seine room 17th December 4, 1951 and by the Court of Appeal of Paris 10th District Court on October 27, 1953

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