Bas de Soie

~ First published in 1909

Bas de Soie is a sample story revealing the strange and intimate psychology of flagellantes and flogged, followed by three curious letters on the same subject. The book was written by Yvan Kermor and illustrated by Edouard Bernard with 8 illustrations. There is also one edition with illustrations from Edouard Bernard but also some from an unknown illustrator (suggestions are always welcome).

The Kinsey Institute Library has a copy to Éditions Modernes whose publication date is valued at 1940 whose subtitle is slightly different: instead of three curious letters , it says two curious letters  and there would be one less illustration.

The book was translated into English with Éditions Modernes under the title: Silk Stockings (1940) with the same illustrations from Edouard Bernard. The same editions published Silk Stockings and sex appeal under the pseudonym Chanrosey George in 1920
Bas de Soie was sentenced by the Criminal Court of Seine on 8 May 1950 and by the Court of Appeal of Paris on October 27, 1953. It was aolso sentenced by the Criminal Court of Seine on May 14th 1954.

Some albums have the same images, I have decided to remain them as they are since they come from different sources and might have a resource value. I also found out I might have added one image too many to the 1925 album but I could not find out which one it was.

  • Album 1 by Edouard Bernard (1909) 
  • Album 2 by unknown artist (1925) - and a few by Edouard Bernard
  • Album 3 by Edouard Bernard for Silk Stockings (1940)

3 albums/27 artworks
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