Gert Gagelmann

~ 1902 - 1964

Gerhard Georg August Gagelmann (named Gert Gagelmann) was a commercial artist who lived and worked in Germany (ca 1901- 1962 ), he worked as German fashion magazine illustrator, active in the Weimar Republic.
The artist completed studies with distinction at the Reimann School in Berlin in 1921. Also in 1921 art of his was published in Der Brummer, on September 1924 he married Ilse Ziegler. At the age of 23 he took over the artistic direction of the magazine die Deutsche Elite. His wife Ilse was also an artist, and her art appears in the magazine Textil-Zeitung (ITZ) around 1929.
Gert's art was published in this magazine as well between 1926 and 1930. Other magazines Gert worked for: Die Dame and  Modenschau.
In 1933 Ilse and Gert divorce.  After her divorce, Ilse immigrated to England in about 1939. She married Karl H. Schmidt in 1941. She was naturalized a British citizen in 1949. She died in London in 1978.
In 1943 the postcard serie Frauen Schaffen für Euch was published. This serie is what connected his artworks to a enema serie of artworks that has no signature. For more info see this website, the owner did a splendid job in tracing the artist and concluded the artist's name is Gert Gagelmann. I was pointed out to another interesting blog which can be found here.
Different names pop up: Eva Hahmeyer, and Becker (Gagelmann as well).

In the past the enema artworks were attributed to an artist named Judie (or Julie) Delcourt. If and what connection there is between the art and this name is yet unknown. There are artworks with a signature Judie Delcourt, so it seems unfair to totally ignore this name. Some mention it was just a signature to point in a wrong direction (from someone who copied the art from Gagelmann) if there is one thing that I learned in time is that this conclusion may work two ways, it is just for which conclusion you want to use it. There is no evidence that supports the theory that someone stole Gagelmann's enema artworks and signed them Judie Delcourt, there is also no evidence that supports the theory that Gagelmann was inspired by the enema work from an artist with the name Judie Delcourt and created his enema serie based on these drawings. Since none of the watercolored enema artworks have a signature and there are no publications known that name Gagelmann as artist (same goes for Delcourt) they both just are unconfirmed theories.

Many think chances are that Gagelmann was male, based on the the enormous amount of FemDom artworks depicting adult females guiding en dominating young boys, on the other hand the subtileness of the art could show the hand of a woman who fantasized about these specific sexual dynamics. So there is yet another unconfirmed theory.

Anyway, this artist (or these artists) left a very interesting collection. I hope you enjoy this very large collection, it took me a long time to get them together and sort them to fit bdsm themes like enema, spanking, bondage and FemDom.

Since there are so many speculations about the original artist I tried to find signed art, this is what I could find. The artworks have a first signature in 1938 (see the extra gallery), but the colored enema artworks could have been published years later. So far I never found any proof about publications with these artworks. Were they sold under the counter? Published in private publications?

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