Steffi und ihr Gatte

There is very little info known for this title. I had a collection with 17 artworks stored online and then someone informed me that 21 artworks were published in the 1950's under the title Steffi and her groom. And in the 1960s and 1970s, the story was redrawn in Germany and published in German. The title was then "Gummi Hans im Glück". For both titles I was unable to find anything on the web, but I decided to add the gallery as single page since that way I can preserve the info (I can't when sharing it as single gallery in an collective album).

The artworks in one of the albums below show a title 'Steffi und ihr Gatte', I don't know if this was a republish or a original title.

  • Album 1 Steffi und ihr Gatte (perhaps the oldest version)
  • Album 2 Steffi und ihr Gatte
  • Album 3 Gummi - Hans im Glück

3 albums/44 artworks

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Karen Smits

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