René Giffey

~ 1884 - 1965

Rene was a French cartoonist, illustrator of books and magazines and comic book writer. His drawings appeared in magazines and girl , Chrissy , The Epatant , The Little Illustrated , Ace , Bold! and Junior .His career as a cartoonist began in 1921.

Over the years, his style end, fluid and dynamic asserts itself - in particular type of female characters, " Pin-ups before the letter ", which is very characteristic. It was at this time also he began his work as an illustrator of erotic literature fetish , including the novel Educator of Joan Spanking and the General Library and The Almanac of Humor.

After the war he began a series of comic books inspired by the great figures of the popular novel for Girl : Captain Sunder , The Companions of Jehu , Cinq-Mars and many others. In 1948 he left Paris to settle in Arcachon. He co-signed with Maurice Limat comics Buffalo Bill in the fifties. He worked together with a dozen other houses more or less important (which Casterman ) while his signature also appeared in France-Soir.

He died struck by a heart attack in 1965.

I had a hard time sorting out the artworks to determine to which books they belong. Luckily in time I was able to correct some errors I made.

Books illustrated by Giffey that are presented in the gallery below (otherwise it is mentioned):

  • La Cité de l'horreur (1933)
  • L'Idole sanglante (1934)
  • Cuir & peau (1934)
  • Éducatrice ou La Belle vengeance de Lord Howard (1934) - not present

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