Arthur Ferrier

~ 1891 - 1973

Arthur Ferrier was a Scottish artist, illustrator and cartoonist.

Ferrier was born and started work in Glasgow, Scotland as an analytical chemist. He freelanced as a cartoonist for the Daily Record there. He moved to London and drew joke cartoons for a number of weekly magazines, including Punch, The Humorist and London Opinion.

In 1930, he produced a weekly strip glamour cartoon called "Film Fanny". A London paper, the Sunday Pictorial, published his glamour drawing under the title "Our Dumb Blonde", which ran from 1939 to 1946. A comic strip called "Spotlight on Sally" in the Pictorial was followed by another called "Eve".

This artist was stored in my archive due to a few FemDom artworks I had found attributed to Ferrier. I was unable to find more, and I could also not determine if these were perhaps illustrated for a book or as loose artworks. I added a mixed album with some erotic artworks as well.

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