Étude sur la Flagellation

~ First published in 1899

La Flagellation a Travers le Monde is a book series published by Charles Carrington using the collective pseudonym Jean de Villiot as the author’s name. Although its title means “Flagellation around the world”, the series is mainly on English flagellation, identifying it as an English predilection

The book Flagellation in France from a Medical and Historical Standpoint (1898) was translated into French and published by Charles Carrington under the title Étude sur La Flagellation a travers le monde aux points de vue Historique, Medical, Religieux, Domestique et Conjugal, avec un exposé documentaire de la flagellation dans Les écoles anglaises et les prisons militaires, in 1899. The greatly expanded second edition of Flagellation in France was published under the title Curious Cases of Flagellation in France, by Charles Carrington in 1901. This was an English translation  (with litte art) privately printed for the subscribers to Dr. Cabanes’ “Bypaths of History”.

The first publication (English title) was without artworks, the French translation was without art as well. In 1901 there was a publication which seems to be a compilation and expansion of a few other books previously published by Charles Carrington including the original Étude sur La Flagellation a travers le monde, this edition has artworks from René Lelonge (second album). Then I found a book for which I am not sure if it is connected (my research skills in these fields are limited): Tcherikof, Episodes des Geurres de Pologne (1830) et d’Autriche-Hongrie, published in 1904 with art from Martin van Maele.

It is very well possible I made some errors in this page, I am no historic expert neither a archivist. So I have to rely on the little skills I developed as auto didact. Be sure to check Erotica Bibliophile for more info about this serie.

Chapters in the book that correspond with artworks I found. (see album Scenes 1899)

  • La Fustigation de Théroigne de Méricourt
  • La Marquise de Rozen et Madame du Barry
  • Flagellation de la Dame de Liancour
  • Le Chevalier de Boufflers fouetté par orde d’une noble Dame
  • Vengeance du Chevalier
  • Une Verge pour l’autre
  • Scene de Pénitence Religieuse

Albums (featured in gallery below)

  • Scenes (1899)
  • Étude sur La Flagellation a travers le monde by Rene Lelong and  Eugène Dété (1899)
  • Curious Cases of Flagellation in France (1901)
  • Le Fouet à Londres  by anonymous artist (1902)
  • Tcherikof, Episodes des Geurres de Pologne by Martin van Maele (1904)
  • Maison de la Verveine by Martin van Maele  (1904)
  • Camille et Moi by Martin van Maele  (1904)
  • La Tradition de la Garde by Leon Roze (1907)

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