Cheri Herouard

~ 1881 - 1961 ~

Cheri Herouard was a French artist and illustrator of numerous erotica and spanking novels. He used the pseudonym Herric when he illustrated spanking novels for various French publishing houses, such as Jean Fort's Collection des Orties Blanches.
Chéri Hérouard was born as Chéri-Louis-Marie-Aime Haumé in Rocroi on January 6, 1881.He changed his last name to Hérouard as a child when his mother remarried.

Herric worked mainly in the genres of woman and girl spanking art. His artwork also includes some enema art.
Illustrated spanking (related) novels featured in gallery below, or one of my other sites.

  • Leurs pantalons (1911/1927) - external link, free view
  • Matée par le fouet (1930)
  • Cinglants châtiments (1932)
  • Les Confidences de Chérubin (1934) - external link, free view
  • L’Infernale fouetteuse (1935)
  • Joujou ou Les Libertinages du travesti (1936) - external link, free view
  • Pantalons sans défense (1938)
  • Venez ici (1938)
  • L' écrin du rubis (1939)
  • Initiations voluptueuses (1939)

In the non-BDSM world, he was most famously known for his forty-five year work for the French society magazine La Vie Parisienne. To view some of these artworks visit my other free blog.

There is one special album, with colored versions that are a bit of a mystery. For one particular artwork I found three colored versions, all with Herric's signature. In the colored versions in this albums a few art with markings on the model, the others are without. I think these were perhaps created at a later point and the markings are edits.

9 albums/91 artworks
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