Frans de Geetere

~ 1895 - 1968

François de Geetere was born in Auderghem, a suburb of Brussels. He spent the war years in Utrecht  developing a distinctive surrealist style within a active artistic community which included artists such as Félicien Rops and René Magritte and a group of enthusiastic gallery owners and collectors; it was around 1914 that he Flemicised his name to Frans.

The etchings of Frans de Geetere are sombre and disquieting, infused with a miasma of conflicted sexuality and existential dread. In his own lifetime Frans de Geetere fell so far out of favour that he titled a volume of lightly-fictionalised memoirs, self-published from his barge the Marie-Jeanne, 'L’homme qui oublia de mourir' (The man who forgot to die).

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