La Passion d’Yvette

The book Un petit trottin ou La Passion d’Yvette was brought to my attention as illustrated by Edouard Bernard. Recently I came across different artworks, that are also mentioned as being from Bernard (seeing the differences in style of art I have my doubts however). I decided to create a page for this book and store all albums I can find, perhaps the puzzle can be solved one day.

The book was published in 1935 with art from G.Whips (some mention this was a pseudonym from Bernard, but Bernard's art were reprinted in later issues that also featured Whips his art.

  • Album 1 has 2 artworks from Edouard and the others I believe are from a different (unknown) artist, perhaps G. Whips
  • Album 2 by Edouard Bernard

2 albums/15 artworks

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Karen Smits

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