Louis Malteste

~ 1862 – 1928

Louis Malteste was born in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir) and died in Paris. He was an author, lithographer and illustrator. He was de brother from Henri Théodore Malteste.

He went to Paris where he exhibit in 1897 at Salon des Sent, in 1902 at Salon de la Socieéte Nationale des Beaux Arts. He also worked for humoristic press: L’Assiette au beurre, Le Chat noir, Je sais tout, Lectures pour tous, Qui lit rit, etc

He made affiches and postcards.
Malteste used the pseudonym Jacques d’Icy for writing sadomasochistic texts, and  Ignotus as pseudonym for illustrating. He was an illustrator for various erotic artworks and illustrated a large collection of books.

Books illustrated by Malteste and featured in gallery below.

  • The Memoirs of Dolly Morton (1899)
  • Baby douce fille (1910)
  • Aventures amoureuses de Mlle de Sommerange (1910)
  • Miss (1912)
  • Quinze Ans (1912/1922)
  • Qui Aime Bien (1916)
  • Qui Aime Bien (no known date)
  • Chatie Bien (1916)
  • Dolly Morton (1917)
  • Monsieur Paulette (1921)
  • Paulette Trahie (1922)
  • Fifi L'Arpète (1922)
  • La Pécheresse passionné (1926)
  • Brassee de Faits (1926)
  • Les Mains Cheries (1927)
  • Lise (1928)
  • Edith Preceptrice (1930)

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