Eric Goldbaum

~ 1899 - 1969

Eric Godal and Eric Godal were pseudonyms used by Erich (or Eric) Goldbaum. This German artist went to the Gymnasium in Berlin.
Godal started in 1919 as a poster artist and draftsman in the magazine Der Orchideengarten. In 1920 he published the portfolio Revolution in the "Cooperative for proletarian art" Berlin.
He found employment as a press draftsman for court hearings and was a long-time draftsman at the Berlin 8 o'clock evening paper. He also worked for the Emelka newsreel, for Simplicissimus, Die Aktion and Uhu. In the meantime, he had a job as a set designer for Max Reinhardt and painted the decorations for the silent films Two Black Lanterns (1921) and Elixirs of the Devil (1922) by Adolf Abter. He designed election posters for the SPD. In 1927 he was involved with illustrations in Eugen Szatmari's Berlin "Was nicht im Baedeker".

After the transfer of power to the National Socialists, he fled to Prague on February 26, 1933. There he drew for various emigrant magazines such as the noon in Prague, Deutsche Freiheit in Saarland, for the emigrated editorial offices of Arbeiter Illustrierte Zeitung and Simpl. He participated in the anti-fascist exhibition in the Prague Manés Gallery (S.V.U. Mánes). In 1935 he emigrated to the USA, in 1936 he was expatriated from the German Reich. In New York City, he founded the exile newspaper Star with Franz Höllering, delivered political cartoons for the short-lived start-up Ken and worked on the Jewish exile newspaper Aufbau. He was taught at the New School of Social Research, New York. In the United States, he illustrated children's books by Roselle Ross.

He did not draw many bdsm artworks but enough bdsm related for me to decide to include him in the artist index.

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