~ First published in 1787

Obviously a page dedicated to the books and versions dedicated to 'Justine, ou les malheurs de vertu' written by Marquis de Sade could not be missed. It's a 1791 novel by Donatien Alphonse François de Sade, better known as the Marquis de Sade. Justine is set just before the French Revolution in France and tells the story of a young girl who goes under the name of Thérèse. Her story is recounted to Madame de Lorsagne while defending herself for her crimes, en route to punishment and death. She explains the series of misfortunes that led to her present situation.

  • Justine (Les Infortunes de la vertu, novel, 1st version of Justine, 1787, published in 1930)
  • Justine, or Good Conduct Well-Chastised (Justine ou les Malheurs de la vertu, novel, 2nd version of Justine, 1788, published 1791)
  • The New Justine (La Nouvelle Justine, ou les Malheurs de la vertu, novel, 3rd version of Justine, published between 1797-1801 with Juliette)
  • Juliette, or Vice Amply Rewarded (Histoire de Juliette, ou les Prospérités du vice, novel, sequel of La Nouvelle Justine, published around 1797-1801
  • Juliette et Raunai, ou la Conspiration d’Amboise, nouvelle historique published in Les Crimes de l'amour, Nouvelles héroïques et tragiques, novellas, published in 1800)

For more info about the book visit Wikipedia. Be sure to visit the page about The Pleasures of Cruelty, a sequel to the reading of Justine and Juliette by The Marqius de Sade.

The story inspired many artists and writers. I tried to find all illustrated editions for this story, but this turned out to be a very challenging task. So far I could came up with this:

  • Album 1 by Claude Bornet, 1797 (I only added the bdsm related artworks, the total for this book is 101 illustrations)
  • Album 2 by Antoine Borel, 1799
  • Album 2 by Acier, this volume is number 3 of a 4 volume set dated 1797, but actually printed in 1865. There seem to be 44 artworks but I could not find them all
  • Album 4 by Anonymous artist, 1930
  • Album 5 by Mahlon Blaine, 1935
  • Album 6 by Liliane Gourari, 1947
  • Album 7 by Raoul Serres, 1949
  • Album 8 by Yves Yorel, 1965
  • Album 9 by Albert Dubout, 1976 (only the bdsm related artworks were added)

Via Art Vintagique you can view art from the very first (known) publication by an unknown artist (or this is also Acier, I am not sure) and a 1950 publication with art from Gaston Barret

9 albums/212 artworks
Latest Update: September 24, 2023 -> Album 9 by Albert Dubout (9 artworks)

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