John Buckland Wright

~ 1897–1954

John Buckland Wright was a British printmaker, painter and draughtsman. He worked principally as an etcher and engraver, and was self-taught. He studied history at Oxford and then architecture in London. He soon realised that he wanted to be an artist more than an architect and by 1921 he was living in Belgium and was elected a member of the Gravure Originale Belge in 1925. He was also a member of Xylographes Belges, SWE and LG. During the 1930s, Buckland Wright lived and worked in Paris and frequently visited S W Hayter's Atelier 17.
He had one-man shows in London and throughout the continent, sometimes signing his work J B W.

A master printmaker with an assured, swirling line, Buckland Wright passed on his skills after World War II when he taught at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, from 1948, and the Slade School of Fine Art, from 1953. He illustrated over 50 books, but bdsm related works from this artist are very rare.

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