La Voluptueuse Souffrance

~ First published 1904 (or 1918)

La Voluptueuse Souffrance was published for the first time in 1904 or 1914, it was written by Max de Vignons. Frontispiece and illustration were done by M. Jacquette. Some illustrations are signed Frédillo, Sc., M.-K., other illustrations by Gaston Noury.

Some editions have the same artwork but in different printing colors, blue for the 1924 edition and red for the 1930 edition.

Some of the illustrations in 1930 edition seem to date from before the Great War (by the long hair and frou-frou costumes of the female character ) but those featuring short-haired women suggest that they date from after 1920. It is possible, as was the case with other works of this kind, that the book was printed before or around 1914, but could not be distributed until the early 1920s, which would explain the presence of illustrations from two different eras.

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