La Religieuse

~ First published in 1792

La Religieuse (also called The Nun or Memoirs of a Nun) is an 18th-century French novel by Denis Diderot. Completed in about 1780, it was first published by Friedrich Melchior Grimm in 1792 (eight years after Diderot's death) in his Correspondance littéraire in Saxony, and subsequently in 1796 in France.
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I think this title deserves a spot in the book gallery because the story was illustrated more then once, however when starting my research it turned out that it was a bit more complicated then I had forseen.

There has long been an assumption that Jean-François Le Barbier was the first illustrator of La Religieuse, where as I found an article that posits that a number of significant artists preceded him: an anonymous artist (1796), the designer P. J. Challiou (1797) and another unknown illustrator (1797). It also turned out that the older artworks had nearly no obvious bdsm elements (like spanking or bondage) and that made me doubt if I would proceed.

The following albums can be found in the gallery below:

  • La Religieuse, 1877 by anonymous artist
  • La Religieuse, 1916 by Martin van Maele
  • La Religieuse, Swedish publication in 1925 by anonymous artist
  • La Religieuse, 1947 by Paul Emile Becat
  • La Religieuse, 1970 by Génia Minache (1907 - 1972)
  • Mixed album (anonymous artists)

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