Le Tour du monde d’un flagellant

~ First published in 1900

Le Tour du monde d'un flagellant was published in ca 1900 (and republished later with different titles). The oldest version I could find is from 1900 with artworks from an artist going by the name Grisp, for who I was unable to find anything.

Le Tour du monde d'un flagellant is the very first title issued in the numbered series from Baron de M*** Flagellant de Marque. Followed by Mémoires d'un Flagellant de Marque (1906), Le repaire souterrain : aventures de deux flagellants d'après le journal intime du baron de M*** flagellant de marque (1907), Les Mille et Une Nuits d'un flagellant (1907), Cinquante ans de flagellation (1908), and Le Père Fouettard, final personal journal from Baron de M*** (1908).

I am sure it will be a challenge but on this page I am trying to share all the art connected to these publications. So far I have art by Grisp, Leon Roze, who illustrated Mémoires d'un Flagellant de Marque (1906) and one gallery with art from Brevannes himself (using the name Tack).

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