Pierre Noël 

~ 1903 - 1981

Pierre Noël was a French painter and illustrator. Known for his landscapes and marines (paints, lacquers, drawings). He participated in several exhibitions, especially in Paris (at the Museum of the Navy in 1976).
He also illustrated for books with text from Balzac, Flaubert, and Alexandre Dumas.

For his erotic and spanking artworks he used the name Leon Pierre. Some think that the book Confessions et Récits was not illustrated by Pierre Noël.
Spanking novels illustrated by Pierre and stored in gallery below (otherwise it is mentioned):

  • Confessions et Récits (1930)
  • Diana gantée (1932)
  • Mrs. Goodwhip et son esclave (1932)

There is also an album stored with a view colored artworks, I am not sure if these are original colored artworks or later colorized.

4 albums/55 artworks

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