Luc Lafnet

~ 1889 -1939

Luc Lafnet was born in 1889 in Liege, he died in 1939 in Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine). Luc Lafnet was a painter, printmaker and illustrator in France. He lived in Paris from 1923 till 1939, his works approached the abstract art. He used the aliases Jim Black, Lucas O.Viset for his erotic illustrations.
Luc Lafnet illustrated erotic literature and BDSM stories including F/f, F/M and M/F spanking stories. In these publications he used pseudonyms such as Jim Black, Viset (when working for the publisher Jean Fort) Lucas O, Grim, Rich and Pol. Some of his drawings, published under the name Jim Black, show, dared for his days, bare breasts. He also did some enema art.
Luc Lafnet also did the artwork for mainstream comics such as the popular Belgian magazine Le Journal de Spirou. He signed his advertising work with names like Lucan and Lafcat, his comics with Davine. 

In 1939, the artist was sent into war where he died the same year, aged 40.

Books illustrated by Lafnet featured in gallery below:

  • Confidences d'un Baronnet (1929)
  • Poker de Dames (1929)
  • Poker de Dames (1930)
  • Leonore et Clementine (1930) - 4 colour versions were published in the de luxe edition
  • Esclave amoureuse (1930)
  • Dresseuses d'hommes (1931)
  • Sous la tutelle (1932)
  • Les Geôles de dentelles (1933)
  • Cuisant Noviciat (1935) - although the artworks show Lafnet's signature, it seems only 2 were by him and the others were done by P. Beloti.

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